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Night Watch for the
Edmund Fitzgerald

November 10, 2005
at the Dossin Museum
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4 p.m.: Program begins with a video detailing the Edmund Fitzgerald
4:30 p.m.: Placing of 29 illuminated lanterns -- one for each of the lost crew members -- around the Fitzgerald's original anchor, which was lost in the Detroit River years before the tragedy. Recovered in 1992, it was installed on the museum grounds.
5 p.m.: Concert by Great Lakes balladeer Lee Murdock.
6:30 p.m.: Capt. Donald Erickson will recount how his crew on the William Clay Ford braved the storm to search for possible survivors of the lost ship.
7:10 p.m.: The approximate time the Fitzgerald went missing, the names of the 29 lost crew members will be read and a bell will toll 29 times. Bishop Richard Ingalls, the rector of Mariners' Church of Detroit, whose bell-ringing 30 years ago inspired Gordon Lightfoot's famous ballad, will participate, and a wreath will be placed in the Detroit River.


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Capt. Erickson speaking from the pilothouse. Roger LeLievre

Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial
On Thursday
November 10 a memorial service will be held for the Edmund Fitzgerald at the Dossin Museum in Detroit. This program will be available online through a webcast.

The ceremony marks the 30th Anniversary of the loss of the Edmund Fitzgerald on Lake Superior at approx. 7:10 pm November 10, 1975. Viewers from across the country will be able to submit questions to the speaker online.

Lamp lighting ceremony. Chris Winters

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Our title graphic is courtesy Capt. Bud Robinson

The painting shows what Capt. Bud Robinson experienced on Nov. 10, 1975 as First Mate on the Tadoussac. The painting displays the Fitz after the eye of the storm passed, from what Capt. Robinson experienced that afternoon. The Tadoussac crossed the Fitzgerald and Anderson's wake above Michipicoten Island as they proceeded towards the North Shore.
 Capt. Robinson's gallery


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