Wide Upriver   
Preset 16x zoom of freighter passing CG station Wide view 16x zoom Wide view 16x zoom
 Wide Down River   


16x zoom
 Wide View South
Preset Wide view 16x zoom Peace Fountain, Windsor Pillette Road, Windsor
 Detroit Skyline  


Preset (2.5 miles west)

 Ambsdr Brdg
 (Northern half of Ambassador Bridge 5 miles - west)
Preset Closer 16x zoom  
 View North      
Preset North West Anchor Arboretum & gardens
 Lake St. Clair  
 Edmund Fitzgerald Anchor         
Preset View from the ground Another view
Ford Power Plant Hiram Walker USS anchor Radio direction finder

More Pictures from the Dossin Museum

200-degree Panoramic of the River from the pilothouse.

Panoramic looking North

Roof Panoramic

Freighter passing the museum

Camera mounted above pilothouse

Detroit Skyline

Canon VC-B10R camera in protective enclosure.

New camera dome mount installed December, 2003.

Improved stability in wind.

Donated by manufacturer (Videolarm)
Satellite view of Belle Isle