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Placing a metal plate on the beams resting on blocks so the bottom plate can be set in place.
The first metal plate allows the workers to walk safely across the work area to get precise dimensions.
Acts as a guide to line the rest of the plates on.
View from gantry crane that runs on rails next to work site.
Workers are attaching cables and spanner to lift the second plate on to the beams.
The keel acts as walk way has so workers can accurately place/line-up the large prefabricated plates of the hull.
Assembly area shown on left.
The second plate for the hull of the Fitzgerald (see 1D) that shows the workers attaching the cables lifting spanner on which the gantry crane will use to lift the plate.
Second plate in hull 301 beams set on blocks are leveled with wedges.

Next to the work site is the side wall of the floating dry dock.
Prefabricated lower hull section being raised from staging area.

Note holes for water transfer and scalloped edged on bottom to allow water through.
View of the ship yard looking across the double bottom of the Fitz.

Prefab area on left.
View from the floating dry dock showing gantry cranes.

In the background at the riverís edge is a shearleg straight beams with a pulley which is used to lift heavy objects on board.
Working on main cargo hold bulkhead laying flat on the bottom of the cargo hold.
Prefabricated side tanks sections waiting on layout tables next to construction sites.
Section of main cargo hold double bottom.

Notice holes in side in sawtooth arrangement where they join the main plate to allow water to move through compartment.

Water-tight bulk head lying on side, with supports for the main deck attached.
Construction of water-tight bulkhead from top of main hold to deck. Extra plates foreground so workers can move on top of beams.
Construction on side tanks being added to the main hull and welded with the double bottom.
Note stern of freighter in floating dry dock in background.
Looking from stern to bow with some piping visible on the edge.
Added section on sides and next water-tight bulkhead.

Large logs are added under the hull plate to support sections.
View from the deck of a freighter on the floating dry dock looking at construction of sidewall and water-tight bulkhead.

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